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In 2001, Ramco Developments, L.L.C. was formed by Ronald and Diana Kay Ramsey and Burt and Debra Kay Ramsey. Our first emphasis was the leasing of commercial properties. Ronald and Burt worked for Triad Western Construction while Diana and Debra oversaw property management. In October of 2016, Burt Ramsey started our Construction Division. After years in the construction industry (30 for Burt & 40 for Ronald) we are up and running doing construction projects throughout the Four Corners. 

No project is too large or too small for Ramco. Our team can help with excavation projects, trenching, concrete, septic install, irrigation, utility lines, residential construction, municipal and federal projects. 

Let us give you an estimate on your project, call Burt at 970-749-8366. 

Our priorities have always been quality and efficient work at an affordable price with a strong emphasis on keeping our worksites safe. 

Burt Ramsey, Owner & Operator

(970) 749-8366  |

Burt has been in the construction industry for 30+ years

RONALD Ramsey, Owner & Operator

Ronald has been in the construction industry for 40+ years.

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